Baby's Store opened on July 4th 1969, in Viale XXI Aprile 56/64, and soon became one of the most famous shops of toys, models and firts childhood in Rome, due to its size and assortment.

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Since then, the research and presence of constantly updated articles, for both kids and adults, made of it a point of reference for whoever needs anything in the huge world of toys. Baby's Store proposes a wide range of products, such as the Giraffa™ exclusive articles, the most recently TV-advertised games, articles for collectors and modelling, toys and videogames.
The experience of its qualified staff can satisfy even the most demanding customers, always proposing toys that are safe and of good quality.
Even nowadays, Baby's Store has the look and feeling of a traditional toy's store, offering the customer a full service, from assistance in making the right choice, suitable for the kid's gender and age, to packaging, and also, in some special case, to home delivery.
Baby's Store is a big space, dedicated to the game and the pleasure of adults and kids, a magical, coloured place, where you can dream and have fun.
... here we are: we're waiting for YOU!!!